Green Tea Health Benefits

Information on Green Tea in English

Green tea is a beverage that has enjoyed a long tradition starting in China, but the enjoyment has now spread across the entire world: Chinese tradition holds that the Emperor Shennong introduced the practice of tea drinking in the year 2737 BCE. Green tea is an infusion made from the roasted leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis (formerly known as Thea sinensis). The tea plant is native to southwestern China, but its cultivation has expanded into many other regions of the world in parallel with the spread of tea drinking.

Gathered at, you will find information on many aspects of this non-alcoholic, healthy beverage, for example a survey of some common green tea varieties:
Bancha, Ceylon Green Spirals, Chun-mee Jiangxi, Gunpowder, Gyokuro, Jasmine tea, Lung ching, Matcha, Pai mu tan, Phoenix pearls, Sencha, Taiping Houkui

A detailed description of tea brewing methods and information on chemical constituents of tea and their health benefits are featured too.